tara chau


Thank you for listening

Someone once told me, “Each person will always have that one special person in their life.” For me, that person came and gone. The hardest part about saying “Good-bye” is realizing that you will have to move on, turn over a new leaf, and propel yourself into the future. You’ve taught me so much. You’ve given me so much. You’ve inspired me to enjoy the finer things in life, find interest in gaining more knowledge, and most all, learn from my actions and mistakes. When I’m feeling sad, you always told me to look at my life as a whole, and figure out what real happiness is. You told me that the sorrows of today seem miniscule if I look at how happy I can be in a couple of years with a career, spouse, and children. For this, I loved you dearly.

I know that you are destined for far greater things in this world, and I believe that you will make it out successful, happy, and satisfied with life. You deserve everything going for you, because you work long and hard for the best. I’ve made many wrong decisions, and although I constantly wish that I can change the past, I can only move forward. I’m sorry that it took this much for me to realize SO many things; Many things that I should not speak of anymore. You were always there helping me fix my many flaws, but I understand that you can’t do that anymore. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for letting me love you, know you, and be with you. Thank you for giving me this chance to learn from the mistakes in our relationship; However, It’s time that I really let go.

Things have changed, and even if I beat myself up for it, it will not change back. It’s time that I finally listen to the sense that you have been trying to give me. It’s time that I listen to my head, instead of my heart, because too much “Sensibility” will only destroy me; Too much “Sense” will only destroy you also. It’s time that I started shaping myself to become a bigger and and better person. That way, I can find my true happiness. We can’t be together anymore, but I wanted everyone to know how much you once meant to me. I wish I can give you a meaningful quote, like the ones you always give me, but I think this post is already one on its own.